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Complement your academic studies with "real world" experience

Internships are designed to give students a better understanding of the actual work context of their studies and assist them in their future employment prospects. Internships offer the opportunity to enhance technical skills, career prospects and provide valuable ‘real world’ knowledge and understanding.

more opportunities icon What do I learn in an Internship?

Internships offer the opportunity to:

  • Gain experience in applying the theoretical knowledge obtained from your courses
  • Learn the practicalities of working in an organisation
  • Develop interpersonal skills
  • Learn about the importance of building organisational relationships that are critical for professional practice.
  • Tackle challenging projects
  • Meet and work with talented and experienced professionals
  • Add valuable skills and experience to your CV

more find icon How do I find an Internship?

Students are responsible for securing their own internships.

Any internship opportunities that the Faculty is promoting will be communicated on relevant iLearn sites, current students announcements webpage, the noticeboard outside BESS, the FBE facebook page, through student societies and under the "Current Internships" section of this page.

The Careers Service also promotes paid internship opportunities that are available.

Students are also encouraged to contact organisations themselves to find opportunities. The Careers Service can advise you on how to do this.

Current Internships

more paid icon Are Internships Paid or Unpaid?

more what icon What is FOBE200/FOBE300?

FOBE200 - Professional and Community Engagement and FOBE300 - Student Leadership in Community Engagement are units that enhance your internship experience and provide academic credit towards completion of your degree.

If you are doing an unpaid internship then you must enrol in one of these PACE Units. The pre-requisite for FOBE200 is completion of 24 credit points and the pre-requisite for FOBE300 is completion of 39 credit points.

While enrolled in FOBE200 or FOBE300, you will be covered by the University's Personal Accident and Third Party Liability Insurance.

more how icon How do I enrol in FOBE200/FOBE300?

more when icon When do I enrol in FOBE200/FOBE300

For enrolment in Semester 2, 2011, forms must be submitted to BESS by 5th August 2011 at the latest.

FBE200 will also be offered during the Summer Vacation in 2011. For FBE200 enrolment in Summer Vacation, forms must be submitted to BESS by 2nd December 2011.

In addition, request to enrol forms must be submitted at least 1 week prior to you commencing your internship.

more insurance icon How does Insurance work?

If you are enrolled in either FOBE200 or FOBE300 you will be covered by the University's Personal Accident and Third Party Public Liability insurance for the dates of the session of your enrolment only.

more dates icon Do the dates of my Internship need to match Semester Dates?

Yes, the hours of your internship must be during the session in which you are completing the unit so that you meet the unit requirements.

If you wish to seek permission to commence an internship before the start of session please contact the PACE Team at for more information.

more cost icon Do FOBE200 and FOBE300 incur a cost?

Yes, FOBE200 and FOBE300 are academic units of study and students have to pay for enrolling in these units. The cost will depend on your student status (i.e. domestic/international).

more tax icon Are there any tax implications from doing an Internship?

Students who receive payments for an internship will be liable for tax the same as for any other paid work. A student who works as a volunteer and is not paid will not pay tax. Further information may be obtained from the Australian Taxation Office.

If you are receiving a scholarship from the University to complete an Internship, then you will be separately advised on the tax implications.

more participation icon What is Participation?

Internship Stories