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Michelle But

"What I love about Macquarie is the opportunity to study premium quality courses taught by some of the world's finest academics, alongside incredible support from dedicated staff."

Macquarie University has given me amazing opportunities to enhance my future employment prospects. Through vocational training, extra-curricular activities and international exchanges, I have gained invaluable skills, highly technical knowledge and wonderful experiences that have differentiated me amongst other applicants in the graduate recruitment process.

In my second year, I received a generous travel grant from the University to participate in a short-term exchange program at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, where I studied International Finance and Mandarin. During my trip, I mixed with both Mandarin and Cantonese communities, which developed my language, communication, interpersonal and teamwork skills. Not only did I receive exemptions for my overseas studies, but I could also claim my international experience as part of the Global Leadership Program, enabling me to stand out from other graduate applicants.

For me, studying a professionally accredited Macquarie double degree in 4 years is not only value for money, but also opens many doors to the academic, corporate and public sectors.

Michelle But is currently working for the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) as a Taxation Officer, and is a "Chartered Accountants Program" candidate at the Institute of Chartered Accountants (ICA).

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