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Undergraduate International Business

Immerse yourself in Global Perspectives

Katie Barter international business

Hear from a graduate - Katie Barter: a recent graduate from our Bachelor of Commerce - International Business


International business includes all business activities that involve business organisations from two or more countries and in recent years the study of international business has gained increasing prominence and popularity. 

At an international level, today's managers must accommodate a highly complex external environment and there are some vitally important differences when contrasting with domestic business.

Key variables in this environment include:

  • different currencies
  • conflicting government policies concerning trade
  • subsidies and controls on foreign investment
  • competition
  • production costs
  • customer characteristics

The power of understanding International Business and its place in marketing strategy, financial planning, economics and human resources gives students the necessary view of the business world as a whole and the scale in which businesses operate in.

International Business at Macquarie

The Bachelor of Commerce majoring in International Business degree will be of interest to any student contemplating a career with an international focus. Compared to other broader based study options, the major in International Business focuses more on the institutional side of business which is becoming increasingly important due to the globalisation of the business world.

The degree is designed with a broad foundation year then an in depth study of one or two discipline major(s).

It allows students the flexibility to significantly tailor their study pattern according to their particular interests. Some may prefer to focus on strictly 'business relevant' courses, while others may be interested in courses that relate to the wider political, economic and/or cultural context within which international business activities are embedded.

Students are encouraged to combine the Bachelor of Commerce with other degrees to form double degrees, such as the Bachelor of Commerce with Laws. Double degrees give you a wonderful opportunity to study a range of discipline areas. For example, a Bachelor of Commerce (with an International Business major) and a Bachelor of Arts (with a language major) is a passport to world business.

What can you study in an International Business major?

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  • fundamentals of marketing
  • demography
  • business economics
  • financial accounting
  • statistics
  • geography
  • geographic information systems
  • anthropology
  • politics
  • economics
  • marketing
  • human resource management

Where can you go with an International Business major?

Students who major in international business are employed in a variety of organisational settings including:

  • Small internationally focused firms
  • Large multinational enterprises
  • Large internationally oriented NGOs (non-governmental organisations)

More specific areas of employment may include:

  • Account executive
  • Associate management consultant
  • Business analyst
  • Business development officer
  • Communications manager
  • Financial officer
  • Graduate accountant
  • Human resource administrator
  • Marketing analyst
  • Office manager
  • Operations analyst
  • Sales and marketing officer

How much can you earn with an International Business major?

Business graduates can expect competitive salaries that compare well to salaries within other fields. According to in 2012, the average graduate starting salary is $64,594.

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Hear from a student - Liz Lenert: studying our Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing degree

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