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Undergraduate Human Resources

Become a People Management Professional

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Hear from a graduate - Gordon Starkey: a recent graduate from our Bachelor of Commerce - Human Resources

Human Resource Management is a crucial function in any organisation, with HR Managers playing a strategic role in the success of an organisation and its people. HRM involves a wide range of activities associated with the management of employees and the employment relationship, including the recruitment, selection, remuneration, development and retention of staff. In the final year students will work on an applied project, refining their HRM skills and competencies so as to be ready to work in HR. In the Human Resources major, students learn to:

  • understand the environment of work, employment and people management
  • understand organisational behaviour in the workplace
  • understand how individual and organisational needs are managed
  • develop change management and sustainability skills
  • understand global HR and cross-cultural management issues
  • learn to formulate strategies to hire the right employees


Our Bachelor of Commerce majoring in Human Resources has been recognised by:

  • The Australian Human Resources Institute (AHRI) the Australian Human Resources Institute
    the only national association in Australia representing human resource and people management professionals.

AHRI has recognised our course as equipping graduates to meet desired HR outcomes. The AHRI accreditation also recognises our internal quality assurance processes for planning courses, stakeholder input, monitoring outcomes, evaluating feedback, implementing changes and seeking continuous improvement.

Human Resource Degrees at Macquarie

Single degrees at Macquarie take 3 years of full time study to complete. A Human Resources Major is one of ten majors belonging to Macquarie's Bachelor of Commerce. Students may choose to study the BCom with a single major in Human Resources or do a double major. Both options amount to the same workload and are over 3 years full time. Combinations you might consider for a double major with Human Resources:

What do you study in a Human Resources degree?

A review of local and international HR competencies ensures the HR major (along with the BCom foundation units) includes the recommended content for modern, best practice, Human Resources practitioners:

  • Contact-us-buttonw171Applied HRM
  • Change management and sustainability
  • Cross cultural management
  • Human resources learning and development
  • Human resource management
  • Introduction to human resourcesSearch by ATAR
  • Organisational behaviour
  • Strategic and international human resources management
  • Workplace relations

Where can you go with a Human Resources degree?

Macquarie University's partnerships with Australia's largest and most innovative employers mean that more graduates find full-time employment faster. The Business Department has close links with public and private sector organisations whose leading management and professional staff are actively involved with our programs. Students are offered opportunities to apply for internships and vacation and graduate programs. Graduate career options include:

  • Human Resources Manager
  • Employee Relations Manager
  • Human Resource Development Manager
  • Work Health and Safety Manager/Officer
  • Learning and Development Manager
  • Training Officer/Manager
  • Recruitment Officer
  • HRM Consultant
  • HRM roles in government organisations
  • Change Agent/Manager roles
  • Coaching/Life Coaching Consultant
  • Small Business Owner