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University Research for Industry and Government

Get the industry research data you need from a university you can trust

As one of Australia’s leading research institutions, the Faculty of Business and Economics provides research and analysis services to numerous corporations and government bodies.

Research engagements are a key priority for us to remain at the cutting edge of business and economics. As such, we ensure our researchers are well funded and supported, and that they have the flexibility to be truly innovative in their approach.

Benefits of engaging with us

  • Subject matter specialists - Our researchers are senior academics, recognised as specialists in their respective fields. They possess in-depth industry knowledge and can deliver unbiased and qualitative insights.
  • Real world analysis & forecasts - Our university research reports are not just comprehensive, they're usable in the real world. They go beyond mere statistics to include expert analysis and reliable forecasts.
  • Ongoing advice - Have our business and economics researchers support you with ongoing research, analysis and advice. Track industry developments, study trends and quantify insights.
  • Customised university research - Research and analysis are designed specifically around your organisation's individual industry challenges and time scale. Practical outcomes for small and large scale projects alike.
  • Independent results people respect - People are becoming more and more wary of so-called 'research' performed by commercial organisations. We can provide industry research that is not only unbiased, but also backed by the reputation of a major university.
  • Cost effective expertise - With our wealth of knowledge and industry expertise our services are akin to having a dedicated but cost-effective - consulting company at your disposal.
  • Great connections - Our university research areas are continually evolving, and we are forming alliances with major companies such as Cochlear. (In fact, their facilities are right here on our campus.)
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Our major university research areas

The Faculty of Business and Economics is recognised as a leading industry researcher, with highly respected programs dedicated to:

  • Financial Risk
  • International Governance and Performance
  • Ethics, Governance and Public Practice
  • Accounting and Applied Finance (we are accredited with APRA and our Masters of Applied Finance is considered a world-leader in the financial services industry)
  • Economics including health economics
  • Actuarial Science (we have the longest running Actuarial Studies program in Australia; the CEO of the Institute of Actuaries in Australia is an Alumnus, and many senior executives and directors of major financial corporations are past graduates)
  • Human Resources Management
  • Employment Relations and Workplace Futures

Interested in engaging with us? Please contact us

If you are an organisation looking for expertise in specific research areas within business and economics, contact James Keene - Business Development Manager.

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