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Adrian - Master of Commerce student

Adrian Widjonarko Master of Commerce student "I chose MQ university for its credibility. But more importantly its sense of community and relaxing atmosphere. Having all the greenery around makes for an excellent study environment. I wanted to find a flexible degree that incorporates a few specialities. The Master of Commerce provides me with 3 modules that I can pick from and a range of different majors. This is the perfect degree for people who want flexibility, practical application and broad speciality. I love how I get to be taught by famous lecturers such as Professor Bob Miller (having 20 years plus in Toyota Marketing area) who is very inspiring and full of practical knowledge. Moreover, being able to do a Business Internship which is classified as a unit is just perfect. Having been able to choose which area you want to do your internship and doing it with big company (e.g. channel 10, 7 and westpac)"

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You can apply online now (applications no longer go through UAC)

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