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Faculty Commencement Program

The Faculty of Business and Economics Commencement Program has four components: 

  1. The Faculty HDR Commencement Day

    • a series of workshops and training sessions designed to provide new and continuing HDR students, as well as supervisors, with relevant research skills and information
  2. Transition to research courses

    • Information about courses (units) which may be taken by PhD candidates
  3. Academic Writing Specialists

    • The Academic Writing Specialist (AWS) team aims to help FBE researchers communicate with clarity, professionalism and grace in an academic setting
  4. Participation in seminars and training

    • as required by your Department.
  5. Presentation of your Research Protocol

    • after six months of candidature.

Macquarie University Central Commencement Program

  • provides an introduction to University-wide resources and requirements for all candidates
  • is delivered as a one-day presentation
  • delivers essential information about the University-wide resources and services offered by MQ;
  • introduces students to the rights and responsibilities of research students as members of the university community
  • makes students aware of basic ethical principles of research and generic research skills
  • guides students through the procedures of HDR progression and completion

This is a compulsory event for all new HDR students and those continuing students who have neither attended a program in a previous year nor completed the course online.

Central Commencement program for All new Candidates

The Orientation Day for International students is held one day prior to the Central Commencement Program Orientation Day for International students.